Ruismaker: Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer

Ready to Rumble

Ready to Rumble

Dozens of carefully crafted synth-models instantly recreate a variety of legendary analog and FM percussion sounds

Ready to Rumble

Easy Access

Effective UI gives access to the most important parameters to completely personalize the character of each sound

No Samples

No Samples

Authentic realtime analog synthesizer algorithms, so everything sounds natural and alive. Each hit is subtly different.

NEW: Update Version 2.0

In this update we’ve introduced a fun standalone sequencer, built around the innovative concept of Euclidean Rhythms. Come up with intricate loops and polyrhythms and sync your Ruismaker drum machine to other apps and devices using Ableton Link and MIDI Clock.

Ruismaker is a virtual analog drum synthesizer in the spirit of the iconic drum machines of the 20th century. No sampled sounds are used. Every single sound is fully synthesized using analog models, emulating electronic components – Introducing subtle differences in every hit; just like in the old days.

Kicks, snares, claps, toms, cowbells; each drum sound has its own independently modeled virtual circuit. Ruismaker has dozens of unique sound models, each one lovingly handcrafted to offer a signature character that can be personalized to match your tracks.

Note: Ruismaker and its AU plugin require iOS 9 and higher: minimum iPad 4, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5S, iPod Touch 6.