Ruismaker Custom Oscillator (beta)

The Ruismaker custom oscillator for Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 turns your instrument into a basic analog drumsynth. 

  • The lower part of the keyboard range triggers a tuned kick-drum
  • Next is a snare drum
  • The upper part of the range triggers closed and open hihats respectively
This mapping is chosen to make optimal use of the limited range available on the NTS-1 keybed, but using external MIDI input allows deeper kicks and access to the open hihats.

What about the Prologue and the Minilogue XD?

There are issues with polyphonic use of the beta version of this oscillator. Since I don’t own a ‘Big Logue’ for testing I currently cannot resolve these issues. 

Obviously, if KORG are willing to lend me a Minilogue XD for testing I’m more than happy to make polyphonic versions of this oscillator!  



SHAPE (A): Bassdrum Shape

SHAPE (B): Snaredrum Shape

Custom 1: Release length (100 = Ignore Note Off*) 

Custom 2: Bassdrum Tune (50% = chromatic, A = 440Hz)

Custom 3: Snaredrum Tune

Custom 4: Bassdrum Gain ( -32dB to +12dB )

Custom 5: Snaredrum Gain

Custom 6: Hihat Gain


*Pro-tip: disable the synth’s EG!

The standard NTS-1 envelopes are quite short, even at their longest settings. If you want to use long 808-style subbasses and sizzling hihats:

  • Disable the native EG (on NTS-1 EG: switch to “open”)

  • Set the plugin’s Release to 100 (Custom Parameter 1)

With this setting Note Off messages will be ignored and the drum sounds will decay for their maximum duration. Bowow!


Download the Ruismaker NTS-1 oscillator (.zip)

Version: BETA 1 (March 27, 2020)


  • This is a beta version of the plugin; all use is at your own risk
  • Any mapping or parameter is still likely to change; don’t create your magnum opus just yet with this beta version
  • If you find any quirks or have recommendations, please email them to

Download the Korg Plugin Librarian (external link):

Ruismaker Demo on NTS-1

The Beta version of the Ruismaker custom oscillator running on an NTS-1, driven by an external MIDI sequencer.

The synth has its standard EG swichted off (“open”) and Release parameter set to 100% to allow those long 808 basses and sizzling hihats.

Youtube Video