Complex Oscillator Synth

Hilda is a Complex Oscillator Synth, inspired by the most interesting aspects of both west-coast and east-coast synthesis technique. You’ll find a wave folder, lowpass gate, and audio-rate modulations, but also a 12-mode filter and traditional VCA circuit.

All parts of the instrument are carefully circuit-modelled to sound as analog (or digital, where applicable) as possible. It’s like a best-of-all-worlds semi modular synth, but without the patch cables.

The eclectic mix of different synthesis components adds up to a unique sounding electronic instrument, which can be used as a playable synthesizer, a drone/noise box, a MIDI sequencer and an audio effect for external audio – or any combination of those three.

Features in a nutshell:

  • Full Audio Unit compatibility (AUv3 instrument, audio effect and MIDI processor modes supported)
  • Universal design (iPhone and iPad; iPad Air 2 or higher recommended)
  • Built-in analog style 16 Step MIDI Sequencer with custom scale
  • 12 mode filter, based on the Oberheim Xpander design
  • Drone mode lets you [partially] bypass the VCA/LPG and just go with the flow
  • DIY Lo-Fi delay circuit emulation
  • Live pads with effects that can be triggered via the UI (or via exposed AU Parameters)
  • All synth settings exposed a AU Parameters (for automation and MIDI learning in your host of choice)
  • MIDI Processor plugin mode disables synth to save CPU
  • Carefully handcrafted by yours truly, to capture the essence of my love for tinkering and experimenting with sound 🙂