Phasemaker - 6 Operator FM Synth

6 operators

6 operators give you the freedom to design dynamic, multi-layered sounds. Each operator can be individually programmed

42 algorithms

42 FM algorithms (including all 32 original DX7 algos) offer a vast bandwidth of intricate signal routings

standalone mode

Phasemaker offers a standalone mode; compatible with Audiobus 2, CoreMIDI and Bluetooth MIDI

A powerful FM synthesizer building on the tradition of the classic 80s FM synths. Perfect for lush digital sounds that can not be achieved using (virtual) analog synthesis. Hands-on editing, 42 FM Algorithms, rich oscillators (including the 8 original TX81Z waveforms) and 32 note polyphony. 

Whether you’re looking for long evolving pads, rich bass sounds, raspy leads, bells or pulsating drones: FM is a synthesis technique unlike any other which will always help stand out in a mix of virtual analog sounds. Phasemaker offers the full 6-operator package, without the daunting esoteric programming of the 80s classics.

Note: this is an Audio Unit plugin (AUv3) which can be run inside AU compatible hosts and DAWs (e.g. Cubasis, Auria, Modstep, etc.). AU Plugins are supported on iOS 9 and higher: minimum iPad 4, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5S, iPod Touch 6.