Rozeta: MIDI Sequencers and Control Plugins

Introducing the first iOS plugin suite for sequencing and controlling MIDI instruments

Rozeta is a collection of MIDI Audio Unit plugins that let you sequence and generate MIDI instruments, such as Audio Unit plugins, IAA apps and even your external MIDI hardware. Note: MIDI Audio Units require iOS 11 and an AU host that is compatible with the new MIDI Audio Unit standard and internal MIDI routing, such as AUM or Beatmaker 3.


Rozeta Bassline: a monosequencer based on the popular Troublemaker sequencer. 

  • Transpose using MIDI keys
  • Lots of randomization and mutation features
  • 8 Patterns per sequence, with “Follow Actions”
  • Each Pattern can have up to 64 steps


Rozeta X0X: classic step sequencer

  • exactly emulates the analog timing jitter of the original 808
  • support for triplets and polyrhythms
  • mutation settings per instrument
  • includes configurable key maps for most popular drum apps


Rozeta LFO: 3x MIDI LFO generator

  • configurable MIDI CC output
  • optionally syncs to tempo
  • AU plugin, so it lets you run as many LFOs instances as you want


Rozeta Rhythm: the popular Ruismaker Euclidean sequencer

  • Euclidean polyrhythms offer a ‘different’ way to program beats
  • disable LOOP SYNC for free runing polyrhythm mode
  • lots of mutation and randomization features


Rozeta Particles: MIDI Particle Generator (new in 1.0.2)

  • generates a cloud of MIDI notes which trigger as they hit the walls
  • use scales to generate semi-random melodic patterns
  • combine quantization and gate settings for different characters


Rozeta Cells: Polyphonic Step Recorder (new in 1.0.4)

  • record notes and chords into cells using any MIDI keyboard
  • play back recorded patterns in a number of different ways: linear, bounce, free-moving play head, etc.
  • feed thick chords into synths, arpeggiators, etc.
  • transpose playing patterns using MIDI, use follow actions, etc.


Rozeta Collider: MIDI Hadron Collider (new in 1.0.6)

  • Generate semi-repeating generative phrases
  • Choose from many scales, use any root note
  • Experiment with different gridsizes, numbers of Hadrons and different collision scenarios
  • Transpose on-the-fly using MIDI input


Rozeta XY: configurable XY MIDI Control Pads

  • each instance gives you 2 x XY pads, a MOD wheel and a Pitchbend
  • assign any 4 MIDI CC controllers you want
  • flexible live control over any synth app


Rozeta Arpeggio: adds an arpeggiator to any synth you own

  • automatic LATCH mode 
  • syncs to tempo
  • configurable accent behavior


All these plugins come packed into a single app and are individually available from compatible MIDI Audio Unit hosts for optimal resource-efficiency.

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