Rozeta is the app formerly known as Odessa. Read more about the name change…

Rozeta: MIDI Sequencers and Control Plugins

Introducing the first iOS plugin suite for sequencing and controlling MIDI instruments

Rozeta is a collection of MIDI Audio Unit plugins that let you sequence and generate MIDI instruments, such as Audio Unit plugins, IAA apps and even your external MIDI hardware. Note: MIDI Audio Units require iOS 11 and an AU host that is compatible with the new MIDI Audio Unit standard and internal MIDI routing, such as AUM.


Rozeta Bassline: a monosequencer based on the popular Troublemaker sequencer. 

  • Transpose using MIDI keys
  • Lots of randomization and mutation features
  • 8 Patterns per sequence, with “Follow Actions”
  • Each Pattern can have up to 64 steps


Rozeta X0X: classic step sequencer

  • exactly emulates the analog timing jitter of the original 808
  • support for triplets and polyrhythms
  • mutation settings per instrument
  • includes configurable key maps for most popular drum apps


Rozeta LFO: 3x MIDI LFO generator

  • configurable MIDI CC output
  • optionally syncs to tempo
  • AU plugin, so it lets you run as many LFOs instances as you want


Rozeta Rhythm: the popular Ruismaker Euclidean sequencer

  • Euclidean polyrhythms offer a ‘different’ way to program beats
  • disable LOOP SYNC for free runing polyrhythm mode
  • lots of mutation and randomization features


Rozeta Particles: MIDI Particle Generator (new in 1.0.2)

  • generates a cloud of MIDI notes which trigger as they hit the walls
  • use scales to generate semi-random melodic patterns
  • combine quantization and gate settings for different characters


Rozeta XY: configurable XY MIDI Control Pads

  • each instance gives you 2 x XY pads, a MOD wheel and a Pitchbend
  • assign any 4 MIDI CC controllers you want
  • flexible live control over any synth app


Rozeta Arpeggio: adds an arpeggiator to any synth you own

  • automatic LATCH mode 
  • syncs to tempo
  • configurable accent behavior


All these plugins come packed into a single app. More plugins are on the roadmap!


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