Ruismaker FM: FM Percussion Synth

Roll your own

A vast universe of drums and effects waiting to be explored using Ruismaker FM’s streamlined UI concept

Made for percussion

FM synthesis, but redesigned with percussion in mind, lets you design your own kicks, cymbals, snares, effects and more


Realtime synthesis lets you automate and dynamically change any aspect of every sound on the fly

Ruismaker’s crazy twin-sister. Based on a clever FM synth model engineered to let you create a vast bandwidth of different sounds from scratch. From kicks and snares to alien sci-fi effects, growling bass sounds, zaps, blibs, chirps, wows, hits and hats. Easy to learn, fun to master.

Ruismaker FM makes for a great companion for Ruismaker (and shares its signature sound character), but also holds her own as a versatile drum synth. Create your own sounds, or use included presets as a starting point (and easily share your sounds using the Patch Sheet feature).

Note: this is an Audio Unit plugin (AUv3). It is made to run inside AU compatible hosts and DAWs (e.g. Cubasis, Auria, Modstep, etc.) and does not feature a standalone app. AU Plugins are supported on iOS 9 and higher: minimum iPad 4, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5S, iPod Touch 6.

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